List of Protest Songs
The Great Depression
  • Black and Blue
  • Blowin' down This Road
  • Brother Can You Spare a Dime
  • Hungry Ragged Blues
  • Nickel under the Foot
  • Poor Miner's Farewell
  • Strange Fruit
  • Talking Dust Bowl Blues
  • The Bourgeois Blues
  • We Shall Not Be Moved
  • A Change Is Gonna' Come
  • Blowin' in the Wind
  • For What It's Worth
  • Fortunate Son
  • I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die
  • If I Had a Hammer
  • Imagine
  • Ohio
  • The Times They Are A-changin'
  • We Shall Overcome
  • American Skin (41 Shots)
  • Born in the U.S.A.
  • By the Time I Get to Arizona
  • California Uber Alles
  • Changes
  • Fight the Power
  • Fuck the Police
  • Hero of War
  • Sleep Now in the Fire
  • Youth against Fascism (Hate Song)

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